The Seoul Team of the Overwatch League™ Announces First Six Players and Two Coaches

SEOUL, Republic of Korea — August 22, 2017 - The Seoul team of the Overwatch League announces today its first six players and two coaches. Kevin Chou, the owner of the Seoul team, further shared his vision for running the Seoul team to win the championship in the first season of the Overwatch League.

“Our primary goals are to recruit the best players in Korea to our roster and elevate them to compete on the global stage. Together we’ll fight to win the Overwatch League championship and build a sustainable business for the long term,” said Chou. “We’re teaming the best players, coaches, and training programs in Korea with the capital, logistics, and data-driven technology of Silicon Valley.”

The players and coaches announced today for the Seoul team are from the roster of Lunatic-Hai, the reigning champions of the Overwatch APEX league in Korea. The first six players signed for the Seoul team include:

Kim ‘EscA’ In-Jae, the DPS player and leader of Lunatic-Hai

Ryu ‘ryujehong’ Je-Hong, a two-time member of Team South Korea in the Overwatch World Cup

Yang ‘Tobi’ Jin-Mo, recognized as one of the world’s top Lúcio players

Gong ‘Miro’ Jin-Hyuk, the MVP of Overwatch World Cup 2016

Kim ‘Zunba’ Joon-Hyuk, renowned as an elite Zarya player

Moon ‘Gido’ Gi-Do, the “Royal Roader” rookie who won APEX Season 3 and the MVP award in his first season  

The best training equipment and facilities, along with health management, media training, and English language tutoring will be provided to the players. Chou’s investment in the team and its support structures underscores his mission of positioning the players as professional global athletes.

“It’s a great honor to join the Overwatch League Seoul team and compete at a world-class level,” said Ryu Je-Hong. “Our team will devote time and energy into training to bring the championship back to Korea and earn the value and popularity that traditional professional sports teams are known for.”

The acclaimed coaches of Lunatic-Hai, Coach Baek Kwang-Jin and Chae Ho-Jung, have also been recruited to supervise the team. Overwatch APEX Season 4, which began on August 11, will be the final journey for all six players and two coaches under the name Lunatic-Hai.

“I am very pleased to work with the back-to-back winners of APEX Season 2 and 3 for the Seoul team in the Overwatch League. There are six more player positions to fill and Kevin and I are working together on this to select the best players who can represent Seoul and establish the best teamwork with the players here,” said Coach Baek.

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